Killer Coffee™ 1lb

Coffee with a strong, full taste, without being harsh on your tastebuds.

Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Smooth in texture – Strong, yet Bitter-Free.

This is Killer Coffee.

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332 reviews for Killer Coffee™ 1lb

  1. Michael Barnes

    A great cup of coffee, STRONG BUT NOT BITTER. I have flat whites made with brand name extra creamy milk + one demerara sugar on my old rancilio machine, one or two a day.

  2. Tara

    Makes getting up worthwhile.

  3. Peta L

    WOW, I love it. This was far from my very first visual & smell thought on the product though – so I was suprized at tne fantastic strength and as advertised not bitter. My first impression was of worry as the sticker had a best by date of about 2days before my recieving it & the beans didnot look or smell like the ones i usually buy. I guess the thing that worried me most was the shiny/greasy look of the beans………now ive tasted it WHO CARES what the visual look of the bean is…..ITS ALL ABOUT TASTE ….& I LOVE IT

  4. Melanie

    I was really surprised at just how smooth it was. No bitterness at all. Better than any cafe or coffee shop Ive ever been too!

  5. Tara

    Worth getting out of bed for

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