Killer Coffee™ 1lb

Coffee with a strong, full taste, without being harsh on your tastebuds.

Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Smooth in texture – Strong, yet Bitter-Free.

This is Killer Coffee.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

332 reviews for Killer Coffee™ 1lb

  1. JaySA

    Killer coffee leaves the others for dead. No questions asked. No bitterness at all. I have honey & no milk. If your a serious about coffee, then look no further. Its so good Im surprised is not illegal. Ill definitely be a buying more.

  2. James

    I have had many coffee`s in years gone by and some were pretty good on the pallet but Killer coffee beans would have to be one of the best beans available on the market today. They deliver a knockout punch but smooth crema taste that is spot on. No yucky after taste.

  3. Matt

    Everything I read on previous reviews is true. No bitterness. Fact. One cup and youre flying. Fact. Great well rounded taste. Fact. This is a great tasting coffee which is packed with caffeine. Customer for life. Fact.

  4. Jason Granzien

    Have been buying Killer Coffee for awhile now There are no others even close

  5. Tyson

    So good its worth buying again…and again..and again

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