Killer Story

Killer Coffee Story



100% Australian Concocted, Roasted And Brewed. The Killer Coffee™ is crafted by a team of Renegade Roasters™ at the boutique Sydney-based coffee roastery, The Killer Coffee Co.™ blend is set to redefine what it means to drink it strong. Our industrial strength beans will satisfy your coffee snobbery & keep you awake for days. It’s seriously strong coffee.

Our Renegade Roasters™ have gone to great lengths to craft our secret recipe for Killer™ beans… And you’re not getting it out of us that easily!

What we can tell you is that your mug of black magic is made from a hand-selected blend of 3 Arabica beans. These have been selected for both their flavour and hidden strength.

We take each bean variety, carefully roast it for the perfect time and at just the right temperature to bring out it’s maximum flavour and power. All of this is achieved while keeping it easy on the taste buds.

Once each bean has reached its full potential, we post-blend them together (at just the right ratios), creating the final recipe to keep you awake into the early hours of the morning and beyond!

The unique Killer Coffee™ blend boasts rich and intense flavours that are devoid of any bitter residue being left on your palate. The dark roasted 100% Arabica blend is smooth and works perfectly as an espresso, in milk, or Americano style.


Scientifically tested, Killer™ contains 172 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of coffee, making it 6 times stronger than an average coffee. So drink responsibly!